CraftBot Plus anthrazit – original Edition

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CraftBot PLUS 3D Printer – Original Version

In 2017 CraftBot won the Best PlugNPlay badge, and with the release of 2018 3D Printer Guide CraftBot Plus is a winner again in the PlugNPlay category!

CraftBot 3D printer was designed and built from scratch in order to develop the ultimate tool for beginners and experienced users as well. It’s an easy to use, plug-and-play device – you can get from unpacking to printing your first 3D object ever in minutes. However, CraftBot Plus is far from being a “basic 3D printer” as it easily outperforms more expensive machines in many aspects!

Key Features – Ultra-silent printing and FFC cable for trouble-free printing!

Printing accuracy
Thanks to its 100 micron/layer resolution, CraftBot provides a very high printing quality.

Printing size
Small from the outside, but huge inside – CraftBot has an impressive built volume of 250x200x200mm

Color LCD touchscreen
CraftBot has an intuitive, well-organized navigation menu giving constant information on the printing process.

Constant control
Users can alter printing parameters any time by the touchscreen – even during the printing process!

Heatable & removable build platform
Heating prevents warping and sticking. Removable build platform is easier to clean.

USB connection
Connect and control printing directly by connecting your CraftBot 3D printer to your PC via USB cable.

Direct pendrive information load
Easiest way to upload your sliced 3D model to CraftBot’s memory. In the box you will find a pendrive with samples so you can immediately test your device.

Our universal, advanced 3D printer software with a user-friendly graphical interface. Its advanced slicing algorithm ensures faster conversions and better results.

Customer service
At CraftBot we love 3D printing. Our support staff has in-depth knowledge of the technology and always ready to help you.

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